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Circular business model canvas

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The circular business model canvas integrates buildings blocks from the generic business model canvas, while highlighting additional aspects making your business circular.

Based on the canvas created by Circular Academy.


Using this canvas, you can describe in one page the different elements making your new business model circular.


Fill- up the following canvas based on the insights developed throughout your journey (you can refer to the Circular Loops diagram and the Backcasting diagram).

A successful business needs to have a clearly defined business model. This is important both to be able to prioritize the work, finding and attracting the right customers, and delivering quality. It is therefore advisable to write out the business model in text at several points in the development as a step to solidify it. The text should not be too detailed but detailed enough to identify gaps and misalignments.

Here you can find some general advices: REFLOW Solidifying BM.

In addition, you can refer to generic instructions on BMC filling: the-business-model-canvas-instruction-manual.