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Circular Challenges & Opportunities


A tool that helps collaborative brainstorming on circular challenges and opportunities, as well as their prioritization for action.

Based on Challenge & Opportunity Canvas elaborated by the H2020 T-Factor project.


Use this tool if you are at the very beginning of the transition journey and there is the need to better scope out and prioritize challenges and opportunities to address.

The more these challenges and opportunities build upon a coherent path across objectives at different scales – local, city level and beyond -, the more you can increase the chance for mutually reinforcing dynamics that meaningfully address circular change.


Map challenges/opportunities: Use sticky notes to map challenges (red) and opportunities (green). Add tags to the sticky note to indicate the themes that the challenge/opportunity relates to. Add a card to indicate who experiences this challenge/opportunity. Add a description to the card to explain how.

Map objectives: Use sticky notes to map the objectives of different actors. Place the objective on the map to indicate the territory in which the objective is operating (i.e area, city, etc)

Connecting: Use arrows to connect challenges/objectives with the actors that experience them and the objectives and SDGs (or other impact frameworks) they relate to.

For Miro board: Use Miro cards to map challenges and opportunities experienced by actors. Choose the card colour that represents the type of actor experiencing the challenge/opportunity. Add tags to indicate the themes the challenge/opportunity relates to. Add a description of the challenge or opportunity. Place the card on the map to indicate whether a challenge or opportunity and if it is past, present or future.