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Circular Experiment Canvas


A tool that helps you and your team in designing the key characteristics of a circular experiment and to carry them forward into iterative cycles, towards a more detailed delivery plan.

Based on Experiment Canvas created by Dark Matter Laboratories.


Designing a circular experiment requires a deep interrogation around its strategic value and potential, systemic nature, legitimacy, viability and opportunity for discovery and learning. Before jumping into the details of your experiment, this tool will help you make a step back and understand whether you are heading towards a promising direction within the journey towards circular cities.

If you use the Circular Experiment Canvas in combination with the Portfolio Canvas, you can also empower and enrich your overall roadmap, making it more detailed and granular.


1. Download the tool (the biggest the better) or use it on Miro if you are running a remote workshop. Working in smaller groups of 2-3 people is better when hosting a workshop with many attendees.

2. Work first on the Key Components, using post its. Then move to the Learning Inquiry part, and further on Operation and Zones.

3. If you have worked in smaller groups, reconvene in plenary and share insights. As a facilitator, use an empty Circular Experiment Canvas to ‘’remap’’ insights and later to report to the group of attendees. Remember that harvesting play a fundamental role in this type of activity!