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Circular Experiment Deployment Canvas


A tool that helps you and your team in defining, planning and resourcing a circular experiment towards impact.

Based on Experiment Deployment Canvas created by Dark Matter Laboratories within EIT Climate KIC Healthy, Clean Cities Deep Demonstration.


Defining circular experiments and activities in detail is a key step; yet, you also need a clear plan of deployment. As far as the transition to circular and regenerative cities is fundamentally a discovery path, your plan of deployment should also make sure there is a process in place to capture and share learning in an iterative and openly accessible way.


1. Download the tool (the biggest the better) or use it on Miro if you are running a remote workshop. Working in smaller groups of 2-3 people is better if you are running a workshop with many attendees.

2. Work first on the Deployment Plan, using post its.

3. Then shift to the SenseMaking part of the canvas. Here, a good way of exploiting this tool at best is to apply or take inspiration from the ‘’Six Thinking Hats’’ methodology developed by Edward De Bono. Role playing methods are also good to make sure that learning capture methods and processes are able to embrace a diversity of actors and stakeholders and different needs.

4. If you have worked in smaller groups, reconvene in plenary and share insights. As a facilitator, use an empty Circular Experiment Canvas to ‘’remap’’ insights and later to report to the group of attendees. Remember that harvesting play a fundamental role in this type of activity!