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Matrix Of Circular Collaboration


A tool that facilitates coordination, matchmaking and collaboration across different circular projects and initiatives.

Based on the Public Engagement Canvas elaborated by the University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins within the T-Factor H2020 Project.


Cities are more and more becoming vibrant sites of circular initiatives taking place at various scales and scopes. Yet, they often run in disconnection from one another, missing on the chance to pool assets and resources towards common objectives.

The Matrix of Circular Collaboration helps you understand where and how different circular initiatives can be connected, especially whether an output from a given initiative may represent an input for others. Used constantly and iteratively – for example during monthly check-ins with your team and stakeholders – it can facilitate and support matchmaking and cross-initiatives collaboration.


We suggest to use this tool on Miro or on any other digital board.

The Matrix of Circular Collaboration is quite self explanatory; you can easily and quickly adapt it over time to add new initiatives, by simply adding new rows.

Importantly, we suggest you to tag each initiative according to its main levers of change, as a way to better scope out possible linkages and connections across circular initiatives. Using the ‘Card’ option in Miro is also useful to quickly visualise the types of actors involved across the various circular initiatives mapped over time.